Australian Parliament legalized same-sex marriage

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In a historic move, Australia’s parliament has reportedly legalized the same-sex marriage on Thursday.

It was reported that the bill was passed its third reading with only four members of parliament in opposition.

Following this, it was said that the first gay weddings will be held in early next year at Parliament House.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, “This is Australia: Fair, diverse, loving and filled with respect for everyone”.

Sources said that the bill was passed with 154 votes in favour, whereas four votes against it.

It was further added, “Every Australian had their say and they said it’s fair, get on with it. The parliament has got on with it, and we’ve voted today for equality, for love”.

It was learned that the decision came after long 29 hours of debate in the House of Representatives and 118 speeches

Following this, the country became the 24th in the global rank to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Sources said that the bill will now go to Governor-General Peter Cosgrove for royal assent.

After the royal asset and other formalities, the bill will likely to come into effect within a month.

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