Australia’s deputy Prime Minister resigns

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Australia’s deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce stated on Friday that he will resign as party leader. The decision came after weeks of looming pressure over his extra-marital affair.  He is expecting a child with his former media secretary.

Joyce has been a controversial figure in Australia.

The leader of the nationals will step down from his position on Monday. However, he did not say who will replace him for the post. Moving back to the bench, he will continue to be a part of the parliament. After this case, Turnbull banned all in-office relationships.

Married for last 24 years, Joyce is a Catholic by practice.

Speaking to the media, he said that he was resigning from his role as leader of the National Party, to put aside “this current cacophony of issues” and avoid further harassment of his family and partner.

He also told the media, “(It has been an) incredible privilege, that I’m so humbled by, to have been the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.”

Before the statement came out, there were huge rumors about him. However, he chose to keep quiet on most of the occasions.

A National bench maker, Mark Coulton said that he did the right thing by resigning from his post.

Earlier in December, Joyce declared that he had split from his wife.

He was found in a series of controversies with the Turnbull Coalition government. In one of the occasions, A revelation was made that he had dual citizenship (Of Both New Zealand and Australia). It forced him to resign from his post.


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