Bangladesh destroys 20 Boats carrying Rohingya refugees

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In a recent development, Bangladesh authorities have reportedly destroyed at least 20 boats which carried Rohingya Muslims refugees from Myanmar.

The Bangladesh authorities have accused smugglers of using huge exodus to bring methamphetamine into Bangladesh.

Lieutenant Colonel Ariful Islam, local commander of Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) said in a statement, “The boats are trying to carry passengers they are not supposed to”.

It was reported that the boatmen were caught with possession of about 100,000 “yaba” pills, which is considered as an illegal stimulant which is popular in Bangladesh.

A border guard told the reporters, “These brokers (boatmen) were smuggling people”.

On the other hand, refugees claimed that before destroying the boats the border guards beat them and arrested the passengers in Bangladesh’s southern area of Shah Porir Dwip.

Local fisherman told the media that BGB has given local people money to destroy the boats of the Rohingya Muslims refugees.

Reports suggest that more than 5 lakh Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh since August 25.

Whereas, Lieutenant Colonel Ariful Islam,  local commander of Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) denied the reports of the beatings and said it was an action which was taken place crackdown on human trafficking and the smuggling of methamphetamine drug.

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