Bernard Cazeneuve appointed as the new PM of France after Manuel Valls resigns

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According to reports, Bernard Cazeneuve is appointed as the new Prime Minister of France for the following six months until the next legislative elections races are being held, Cazeneuve was appointed as new PM after Manuel Valls cease his work on Tuesday morning who was serving as PM from last two and a half years.

The statement from the Hollande’s office said, Valls resignation has been acknowledged.

According to a statement, “The President of the Republic has appointed Bernard Cazeneuve as Prime Minister and asked him to form the new government”.

Valls declared that he is looking to step into the shoes of next president of France.

If reports are to be believed, the 53-year-old Cazeneuve is a standout among the most trusted men of Francis Hollande’s and turned into a well-known figure in French legislative in 2012, who is also called by the name of spokesperson of government.

Cazeneuve who has witnessed the security forces reaction of the jihadist attacks has resulted in the death of more than 230 citizens over the past two years and he will take over the control of the Socialist government.

According to reports, Cazeneuve is a lawyer by profession and also, serving as an MP since 1997.

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