Brazil: School guard sets kids on fire

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In a horrific incident, a Brazilian school guard reportedly burnt four kids at a nursery school at Brazil’s southeastern state of Minas Gerais on Thursday.

It was reported that Dozens of people were reportedly injured after the guard who was reported to be mentally ill, burns kids alive after spraying alcohol on them.

It was learned that he too set himself on fire at the nursery school in Brazil.

Following this, the security guard died after succumbing to his own burn injuries.

The prosecutor of Minas Gerais state said in a statement, “This morning, four children and a teacher burned to death when a guard at the nursery school sprayed alcohol on the victims and his own body before setting them alight”.

Around 50 people were injured in the incident where they were admitted to the local hospital.

Officials said that the accused security guard, who worked as a night watchman at the school since 2008, was suffering from depression.

While interrogation, Police officials found many alcohol bottles at his residence.

President Michel Temer moved to twitter and posted, “I immensely regret this tragedy involving children in Janauba. I want to express my solidarity with the families”.

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