California: Man kills wife in elementary school classroom

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At least two people, including a teacher and her 8-year-old student, were found dead and two students were allegedly injured on Monday a man open fire at an elementary school in the California city of San Bernardino.

The incident happened when a man walked into the elementary school, the California city of San Bernardino and without saying anything started firing in which his wife, who is a teacher in the elementary school was killed on the spot.

Lieutenant Mike Madden, San Bernardino Police Department said in a statement, “This does appear to have been a murder-suicide with both male adult and female adult victim succumbing to injuries, with the male succumbing to a self-inflicted gunshot wound”.

It was reported that the students were transferred to the nearby high school for their safety reasons.

Following this, many parents who were terrified and rushed to the school to ensure that their child is safe in the incident which created a panic within them.

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