Donald Trump’s Victorious Speech

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After all hacks, Donald Trump made a victory by winning US Presidential Elections 2016. As unexpected results were shocking, as trump clearly blown Hilary Clinton.

Republican Donald Trump, has been elected as 45th US President, he achieved one of the most unexpected political victory with 288 counts, victories in modern US history.

Even though despite a slew of controversies during his presidential campaign that would easily have destroyed his candidacies, records of racist and sexist behavior and a lack of conventional political experience, as he is a billionaire businessman etc., however, he managed to strike the victory.

After the result, Donald Trump delivered his victory speech at the Hilton Hotel in New York City to cheering crowd of supporters. He started his speech by thanking everyone, for his triumph. He also said secretary of Hilary Clinton called and congratulates over victory, he praised Clinton’s effort as she worked very hard for long period of time.

Donald Trump said to all republicans and democrats to unite together as whole, as one united people. He pledged, he will be the President of all the Americans, it is a movement which compromises Americans from all races, religions , background and belief. He talks about togetherness and its relevance by working together.

He also said, he want to tell the world community that there will be fairly deal amongst everyone, while we will always put America’s interests. He further said all people and all other nations. We will seek common ground, not hostility, partnership, not conflict. He thanked every person related him , his journey in achieving this victory starring from his parents to friends.

He ended his speech by saying “I can only say that while the campaign is over, our work on this movement is now really just beginning. We’re going to get to work immediately for the American people and we’re going to be doing a job that hopefully you will be so proud of your president. You will be so proud. Again, it’s my honor.”

Lots of promises he had made earlier also during his presidential campaign, as to make America great again. We wish Donald Trump good luck for his new beginning of Presidential Journey.

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