Eman Ahmed: World’s heaviest woman dies in UAE

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The 37-year-old world’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed, who was undergoing extensive rehabilitation treatment allegedly died at Abu Dhabi’s Burjeel Hospital on Monday morning.

Eman Abdul Atti died at around 4:35 am due to complications from heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

It was learned that Egyptian national suffered from are thyroid condition since childhood.

The hospital said in a statement, “She had been under the supervision of a medical team of over 20 doctors from different specialties who were managing her medical condition from the time she arrived in the UAE. Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to her family”.

Eman Abdul Atti was receiving weight loss surgery in Mumbai earlier this year.

It was reported that Eman Ahmed has lost around 330 kilograms after undergoing weight-loss surgery in Mumbai’s Saifee hospital.

It was discovered that Eman Ahmed’s treatment cost around Rs. 3 crores, around Rs. 65 lakh was donated by the people.

Later she was transferred to Burjeel Hospital in May to continue her rehabilitation from bariatric surgery.

More than 20 doctors were supervised improved her health since her arrival at Burjeel Hospital in UAE.

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