Former Brazilian President, Lula and Workers party faces new corruption charges

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The former Brazil leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva along with Senator Glessi Hoffman of the Workers party faced new corruption charges by authorities on Monday.

Lula is currently serving his 12-year jail term from April 7 for a bribery conviction. The former Brazilian President already faces another six separate pending corruption trials on graft charges.

Federal prosecutors have alleged that Lula, along with Hoffman, who is currently leading the beleaguered Workers Party, were given access to $40 million slush fund in 2010 funded by construction company Construtora Odebrecht, in exchange for government decisions that would benefit the company.

Lula’s Lawyers and Odebrecht did not immediately respond to the comment. However, the worker’s party in a statement said that the accusations were not found.

Antonio Palocci who served as the Finance Minister under Lula is also charged under the alleged scheme. He signed a plea deal last week with prosecutors along with Paulo Bernardo, Lula’s planning minister last.

Hoffman and Bernardo, her husband are both facing a separate trial in the sweeping lava Jato corruption probe, an unprecedented push against corruption in Latin America’s biggest economy that has seen scores of powerful politicians and businessmen jailed for corruption.

Palocci has been in jail since 2016 and was found guilty in different graft trial last year.

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