France: Surgeons reattached woman’s arms

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There is no doubt that technology is expanding its wings, in a similar incident a woman’s arm was reattached successfully after her arm was sliced off in a tragic train accident in France.

The incident took place when the 30-year-old woman was traveling on a train in France, where she reportedly got injured in an accident involving a train.

It was reported that the woman’s arm, which suffered severe injuries in a horrific accident in France was re-attached in the Grenoble hospital.

The hospital said in a statement, “The speed with which the emergency services acted and the skills of the medical team allowed both arms to be re-attached and gives the patient the best possible chance of recovery because too much delay can cause irreversible damage”.

It was a one hour and 50 minutes long surgery which was successfully performed in France’s Grenoble hospital.

It was learned that the surgery  was first of its kind in which took place successfully in France.

A press release from Grenoble hospital reads,“The medical team has succeeded in doing the first simultaneous re-attachment of arms in France”.

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