Germany summons Facebook over security concerns

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A latest report has suggested that Germany has summoned Facebook over data safety concerns following the revelation of data breach by Cambridge Analytica during US elections in 2016.

Katarina Barley, Justice Minister of Germany has asked Facebook to clarify whether the personal data of 30 million users were protected on the social media site or not.

In her remarks to a local media, Barley said Facebook management must explain the German government on how the data breach of millions of Americans took place.

“The question of what happens with the data of 30 million German users is a central issue of consumer protection,” she said.

Barley has summoned Facebook for talks at the justice ministry. However, she did not confirm when the meeting would take place.

She also said it was unacceptable that social media users “are spied in order to be targeted with elections ads or bombarded with hate messages against political rivals.”

Clear rules were needed to prevent such misuse of user data, which poses a threat to democracy, she told the media.

Facebook has been hit by serious issues that included fall in $35 billion in stock markets after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica accessed data of millions of Americans during the US General elections.

Cambridge Analytica was hired by the current United States President Donald Trump during 2016 US elections.

Sandy Parakilas, a former Facebook operations manager told a British Parliamentary committee that data harvesting was once a routine and the company took years to clamp down the practice.

Facebook refused to comment on ex-employee’s remarks.

The social media giant suspended Cambridge Analytica from its platform following the revelation last week. It said it now requires app developers to justify if they collect any data and how it will be used by them.

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