Hilary Clinton’s Inspirational concession speech

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Hilary Clinton addressed an Emotional , Inspirational Concession Speech after her defeat with Donald Trump.

The results of US Presidential Election was appalling to democrats and as well as some of the republicans who thought Trump was unfit for the position. Even though Polls also got it wrong as according to polls the chances of Donald Trump were very less, it was all in favors of Democrat Hilary Clinton. But it didn’t happen. Republican Donald Trump elected as President of United States of America.

Hilary Clinton conceded after the results, her concession speech held at The New Yorker Hotel in the New York City. As she was upset with her defeat but yet she managed to give strong and inspirational concession speech. She addressed by saying Last night, she congratulated Donald Trump on his victory and also offered to work with him on behalf of our country and she also said she hope that Donald Trump will be a successful President. She respects as well as cherish the change of power as the constitution requires peaceful transformation and also told her supporters to that they also must accept and cherished that Donald Trump would be the President and to do what they can do as good citizens to make America great and better country.

Clinton also said that this is painful and will be for a long time. She thanked her supporters and acknowledged that she felt pride and wonderful during the whole Presidential campaign as being “Best of America”. Clinton also apologizes to supporters and campaign workers by saying “This is not the outcome that we wanted and we worked so hard for, and I am sorry that we did not win this election”. She also reminds them by saying the campaign was not only about “one person one election” but it was all about America.

Hilary Clinton’s inspirational concession speech will be the remarkable one , as it’s one of most powerful and strongest speech yet.

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