Indonesian military plane crashes in Papua, kills 13 on board

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According to sources, an Indonesian military Hercules C-130 transport plane reportedly crashed in the eastern part of the country near Papua province on Sunday.

Armed forces official said, they had lost contact with the plane just before its scheduled landing time of 6.13am.

As per the sources, The Hercules C-130 plane was carrying 12 crew members and one passenger, when the plane took off from the Timika city in Papua.

The military plane was carrying food supplies from Timika to Wamena when it reportedly crashed on its way.

Air force chief Agus Supriatna told the agencies, “The operator on land saw the plane at 06:08 am local time but at 06:09 am the plane had lost contact”.

According to Indonesian Air force Chief Agus Supriatna, bad weather could be the reason for this mishap.

If reports are to be believed then this is not the first incident, last year in July a Hercules crashed near Medan, killing more than 140 people including the army personnel.

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