Iran deal complicates US-Saudi atomic energy agreement

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The US has opened talks with Saudi Arabia on profitable energy agreement. The deal links with Iran from the Obama-era. Billion dollar contract for US companies is at stake.

The US energy secretary, Rick Perry will lead US delegation for further talks with Saudi in London on Friday. It will include administration officials and outside advisers.

The meeting is a part of Arab plans to explore a civilian energy program that aims to restrict uranium enrichment and reprocessing that requires co-operation from the US via a deal.

According to officials, the Saudis indicate that might accept it only if a separate nuclear deal tightens with Iran. This puts the American officials in the middle to balance power over the modern Middle East.

Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Foreign Minister said, “Our objective is we want to have the same rights as other countries.”

Donald Trump shared many concerns by Saudis over this deal. He calls it the worst ever and threatened to walk away from it. He wants amendments on further sanctions so that the US can go forward with the deal.

The sanctions will prevent Tehran to resume banned nuclear activity. Expiration dates of nuclear restrictions, ballistic missile work, and inspection rules for Iran military were some of the problems identified by him.

A team led by State Department met European officials regarding the case.

British, German and French seemed receptive to the idea. They look to impose sanctions to recheck Iran’s commitment.

The deal will provide Iran with the right to use uranium at an increased level. It is under an agreement that allows usage of US nuclear technology. UAE entered the agreement in 2009.

If the deal is not proposed, it might go to US rivals Russia or China.

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