Iraqi teenager found guilty of Train bombings in UK

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A court in the United Kingdom has convicted an Iraqi teenager for London train bombing that took place in September last year.

Ahmed Hassan, 18 was found guilty of trying to kill the passengers on board in an underground train that was heading to central London on 15 September last year, prosecutors said.

The Iraqi teenager had come to Britain as an asylum seeker. He was found guilty on Friday after he was charged with attempt of murder after detonating a homemade bomb on a packed rush hour London commuter train that injured around 30 people.

The prosecutors said that he was one of the passengers on board on a train that was heading to central London. The bomb exploded at Parsons Green station and flames engulfed the carriage. Luckily the bomb did not explode fully, it limited the casualty. The authorities called it as the fifth major attack of Britain in 2017.

Sue Hemming from Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service said,” It was only a matter of luck that the device did not work as he intended or it could easily have led to the loss of innocent lives.”

The teenager left his home in Sunbury, west London. He set the explosive device timer in Wimbledon station toilet. Hassan then boarded a district line underground train. He got off the train a station before the Parsons Green leaving behind his bomb loaded into a bucket.  The packed bucket contained metal shrapnel including screws, nails, knives, bolts, and screwdrivers.

At least 93 passengers were on board when the bomb detonated.

Eyewitnesses reported of hearing a loud bang and seeing fire roll down the carriage with one woman suffering burns on her hands, leg, and face. It caused her to lose her eyebrow hairs and eyelashes while others hurt in the stampede to flee the crime scene. The cops arrested the convict the following day.

The jury at Old Bailey court in London convicted him of murder. He will be sentenced at a later date.

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