Kabul: Two people killed in Kabul TV station attack

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At least two people were allegedly killed and other three were reported injured after a gunmen opened fire at a compound of a local television channel in Kabul today.

It was reported that many staff inside the building, including one female, was allegedly killed in the opened fire.

It was learned that Militant group Islamic State claimed the responsibility of the attack on a television station in Kabul.

Abed Ehsas, Shamshad’s news director said in a statement, “People dressed in police clothes came in and initially threw hand grenades, which killed one of our guards and wounded another”.

The gunman attacked the Shamshad TV headquarters in Chaman-e-Huzuri.

The security source said in a statement,”One attacker detonated his explosive vest at the first gate of the building, paving the way for the second group of gunmen to enter the facility. The Crisis Response Unit (CRU) forces arrived at the site shortly after the attack and they launched a counter-attack to eliminate the terrorists”.

Police officials said that, during the attack, special forces blasted a hole in the wall and entered the site.

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