Kim Jong Un makes surprise visit to China

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kim jong un

Kim Jong Un made a surprise visit to Beijing since taking power in 2011. The speculation circulated around the Chinese Capital on Monday.

However, the details of the trip like the place of stay, meetings, etc. were not immediately available.

A local media reported that a special train may have carried Kim. The train looked similar that was used by his father Kim Jong Il for such visits.

When Kim Jong Il was in power, Chinese and North Korean official sources usually waited until after his return to Pyongyang before confirming he had been in China.

The mysterious move has come after Trump has agreed to meet Kim.

The US has no advance knowledge of Kim’s Visit. White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told the media that he could not confirm the trip and “we don’t know if they’re necessarily true.”

“If this meeting is confirmed, it may actually be more productive than a photo-op between Trump and Kim in a few weeks,” said Melissa Hanham, a researcher at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, in Monterey, California.

The long delay by Kim Jong Un to visit China talks about the stranded relationship between the two countries.

“North Korea is often perceived as an ungrateful junior brother, but recent tensions and increased nuclear and missile capabilities mean China’s taking this seriously and doesn’t want to be left out of the process,” Melissa added.

Earlier this month Trump decided to meet the North Korean Leader after Kim talked about giving up nuclear weapons.

North Korea’s official media is yet to confirm the summit details.


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