Kim looks for closer ties with South Korea

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The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un met the South Korean delegates to talk about denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and permanent peace on Tuesday.

National Security office head Chung Eui-Yong led the South Korean delegation that traveled the North Korean capital, Pyongyang on Monday.The 10 member delegation hoped to encourage North Korea and the United States to talk with each other.

The tensions between the two countries eased at the Winter Olympics in South Korea. President Moon Jae-In hosted a high-level North Korean delegation during the event.

Kim Jong Un had invited Moon to North Korea for the summit. Washington and Pyongyang have been hostile for months regarding North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes. The US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un had even traded insults and threatened war regarding the issue.

The state media said,” Hearing the intention of President Moon Jae In for a summit from the special envoy of the south side, (Kim Jong Un) exchanged views and made a satisfactory agreement.”

The details of the agreement were not disclosed, but an official from the presidential blue house said it partially addressed the summit offered by North Korea.

Kim attended the Winter Olympics opening ceremony last month.

Kim Eui-Kyeom, a spokesperson for the South’s presidential office said,” Seoul’s delegation met Kim Jong Un, his sister Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s wife and other officials on Monday.”

The delegation will wrap up a two-day trip to Pyongyang later on Tuesday after another meeting with North Korean officials,” he added.

However, Kim’s presence in the meeting is not confirmed.

The talks resumed in January for the first time in two years.

A report added that he also made an exchange of in-depth views on the issues for easing acute military tensions on the Korean Peninsula and activating the versatile dialogue, contact, cooperation, and exchange.

The aim is to ease military tensions by denuclearizing the Korean peninsula for permanent peace.

Both North Korea and the United States have said they are open to talks, something Pyongyang did not do in the past.

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