Malcolm Turnbull faces leadership pressure ahead of polls

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Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is facing the heat after Liberal-National coalition government lost 30th straight major opinion poll on Friday.

The latest News poll showed the opposition Labor Party leading the coalition 52-48.

It is a symbolic defeat ahead of next year’s polls that intensifies pressure on Turnbull who used the same to oust his predecessor last year.

Australia is a year away from general elections but the News poll left a question about Turnbull’s future. A decrease in popularity has led to ousting of three PM in Australia by their parties and colleagues since 2010.

Once widely popular, Turnbull has fallen out of favor after a wave of scandals. Forced conservative policies have also damaged his reputation as a liberal.

However, a survey says that 62-percent still want Turnbull to remain Australia’s prime minister. Senior government lawmakers have also backed Turnbull.

“Malcolm Turnbull retains the confidence of the vast majority of our party room,” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, deputy leader of the Liberal Party.

Even party leader and former PM Tony Abbott led much criticism on him. “The point I’d make is that we shouldn’t obsess over polls. I never did. I don’t think that others should,” Abbott told reporters in Victoria State.

Abbott also took the opportunity to sharpen his criticism of the government’s refusal to build a coal-fired power station. Electricity supply business in the country has become a hot political issue. “We should be the party of low power prices and that means more coal-fired power generation,” Abbott added.

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