McCormack appointed Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister

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Michael McCormack

Conservatives Rural Politician, Mr. McCormack confirmed as the new Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

The junior partner of PM Turnbull, McCormack was selected as Nationals leader on Monday. He replaced Barnaby Joyce as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia by defeating liberal party contestant George Christensen in an internal party vote.

He was widely expected to win the race as many National MPs refused to take part.

Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull welcomed the decision by saying that he expects the 70-year-old collation to continue between the two parties.

Aged 53, McCormack is a former businessperson and a journalist. He is an unknown figure among the public.  After defeating Christen, in a statement to the media he spoke, “I want to make sure that people know that in me they have a fighter. I have a huge challenge ahead of me.”

McCormack was first chosen in the lower house of representatives in 2010. He represented the rural area in southwest New South Wales State. Once he voted against anti-gay policies in the parliament.

Two decades ago he described homosexuality as “sordid behavior” as an editor in a local daily. He apologized for his acts after same-sex marriage saw a voluntary nationwide postal vote. 

Earlier, an extramarital affair with an in-office media secretary forced the former party leader Joyce to step down from his post. Last week the controversial figure Barnaby resigned from his post. He came back to the bench to continue being a part of the parliament. Many National benchmarkers said that he took the right decision by stepping down.

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