New Zealand PM John Key resignation left the country surprised

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New Zealand PM and National party leader, John Key dropped a bombshell with the sudden announcement of his resignation and left the country surprised.

After informing the cabinet, Mr. Key held press conference in Wellington. On December 12, National MP’s will elect new Prime Minister for New Zealand till then he will be serving the country as a Prime Minister.

He has been serving from more than 8 years as Prime Minister of New Zealand. John Key , said he is resigning on his term, he is privileged to serve his local constituency.

Mr. Key told reporters that this is the right time to go and said “I gave it everything I had”,  citing family reasons for his resignation.

Mr. Key also said that “Sometimes you’ve got to make hard decisions to make right decisions,” and his decision will give opportunities for the fresh talents.

He would be voting for his Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Bill English, to take over the constituency said in a press conference.

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