Russian cargo ship crashes on its way to ISS

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According to reports, an unmanned cargo ship which was travelling to the International Space Station crashes in the atmosphere, after it was launched on Friday.

Roscosmos said in the statement, “According to preliminary information, as a result of an abnormal situation, the cargo ship’s loss occurred some 190 kilometres above the remote, unpopulated mountainous territory of (Russia’s) Tuva region, and most fragments burned up in dense layers of the atmosphere”.

Roscosmos is the State Corporation for Space Activities and is one of the governmental body responsible for the space science program of Russia and general aerospace research.

Russia’s space ship had lost all the contact after the spaceship blasts off in Kazakhstan.

The space agency said, “the loss of cargo ship will not affect the normal operations of the ISS systems and the subsistence of the station’s crew”.

Meanwhile, NASA wrote on its website that supplies of the space laboratory are in good levels.

According to Roscosmos, the cargo ship lost all contacts after it was launched in Baikonur cosmodrome , Kazakhstan and experts are investigating into the matter.

Further Roscosmos said, the spaceship was scheduled to arrive at ISS on Saturday, which was carrying 2.4 tonnes of fuels, some food and equipments when it took off from Baikonur.

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