South Korea: 16 killed in building fire

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As per the recent reports, 16 people were reportedly killed in a blaze after fire break out at the eight-storey building in the South Korean city of Jecheon.

It was reported that the fire started in the afternoon from a vehicle which parked in the basement parking lot of an eight-storey fitness centre in the city, which is 168 km away from southeast of Seoul.

A spokesman for the National Fire Agency told the media, “All victims were found at a public sauna in the building”.

Officials told the media, that the victims were in the public sauna on the second floor when the incident took place.

Authorities said, at least 20 fire engines and 50 firefighters were deployed to the area.

Following this, officials said that the victims were not in the life-threatening condition.

A fire station official said in a statement, “We’ve checked 16 dead and more than 10 injured, but as the rescue is still in progress, there could be more people dead or injured”.

As per the reports, the death toll could rise as official suspected that more bodies could be inside the building housing a fitness centre, public sauna, and restaurant.

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