Trump plans tough laws to stop school shootings

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The US president Donald Trump plans to combat school shooting by trying to harden schools against attacks.

The plan calls out the states to increase the minimum age for purchasing weapons so that the schools are less vulnerable to attacks.

White House spokesman Raj Shah says the president will not advocate universal background checks.

Shah told the media. “The president has been clear that he does support raising the age to 21. I don’t want to get ahead of what’s going to be announced, but I will say that will be a component of it, raising the age, as well as mental health.” More details on the recommendations will be laid out on Sunday.

“There’s going to be a series of proposals, some will be legislative while some will be administrative” Shah added.

It is nearly a month after a deadly school shooting in Florida left 17 students and other school staffs dead.

Trump has held talks with lawmakers, shooting survivors and the families of the victim. He met the NRA. He also said that schools should not be gun free to stop any damage or loss of lives.

By talking about universal background checks, Trump raised eyebrows by suggesting that law enforcement officials should be able to confiscate guns from those they consider a safety risk even before a court has weighed in.

‘Take the guns first, go through the process second.” Trump said.

Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary said the president wanted to expedite the court process, not avoid it.

The White House also supports a second bill that would create a federal program to train students, teachers, and school officials to find signs of violence and intervene early.

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