Two injured in Louisiana University shootings

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Louisiana University

At least two people injured after gunshots fired on a college campus in Louisiana University on Friday. The incident took place at around 3 am near assembly hall where sports events use to take place.

The shooting started from a fight that involved enrolled students and non-students. On Friday, the university officials did not close the university and everyone proceeded with normal activities.

It is not yet clear if the those injured were students. They were taken to a local hospital. Doctors say the injuries were not considered life-threatening. Police are investing the matter and is yet to find any suspects.

The school in Hammond is about 94 kilometers from New Orleans. The public university has more 15000 students enrolled.

In a tweet, the school authorities said that there was no threat to any student or staff. The University Police stated that “It is investigating a report of gunshots near the University Center. There is no immediate threat this time.”

While a student opined, “I think it is a little scary, considering all the gun violence going on currently if it were a student that would make it that much more scary that they would even be shooting on campus.”

The situation took place nine days after a massacre at a Florida high school that sparked a national debate. The incident saw 17 students and adults killed on February 14.

The US Prime Minister, Donald Trump is under pressure to tighten US gun laws. In the US an 18 old can easily buy an arm. Trump will share the details on gun control ideas, controversial proposals to arm teachers in schools in one of his upcoming speech.

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