US bombers allegedly killed 80 militants in the Islamic States

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US B-2 stealth bombers have destroyed two training camps of Islamic States (IS) in Libya, which has killed 80 militants in the attack on Thursday night.

The attack was carried out on Thursday night by the two US Air Force B-2 Spirit bombers which flew from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri, more than 100 bombs and missiles were dropped on the training camps of Islamic States. The operation approved by the Former President Barack Obama.

Although, this is the first time the aircraft was used in the attack, though it was earlier used in the year 2011.

In a statement Peter Cook, Pentagon spokesman said, “The fighters training in these camps posed a security risk to Libya, to its neighbors, to our allies in Africa and Europe, and to the US”.

Adding further to this he said, “While we are still evaluating the results of the strikes, the initial assessment indicates they were successful”.

Col. Pat Ryder, an Air Force spokesman said, “Anytime we use it, there is a message there”.

However, no initial reports of civilian casualties were reported till now.

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