US drops largest Non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan’s ISIS Camp

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On Thursday, US Dropped its largest Non- Nuclear bomb on ISIS camp in Afghanistan, near its border with Pakistan.

Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said master bomb was dropped from a MC-130 aircraft in the Achin region of Eastern Afghanistan.

The bomb is formally known as GBU-43 or Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), which has been used in a conflict by the U.S military for the very first time.

The mother of all bombs contains 11 tons of explosives and it was first tested in March 2003 prior to early days of the Iraq war.

“This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against ISIS-K,” the head of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson stated in the statement.

However, how much damage is caused due to this explosion is yet to be known.

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