US Election: Clinton vs. Trump, who will be the Winner

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Approximately, 120 million Americans will vote to choose the 45th president of United States today. There is a tough competition between democratic contender Hilary Clinton and her republican rival Donald trump.

Since 1845 the date of the election is fixed- the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. Hilary Clinton and Donald trump are the most unpopular candidates in modern American History. The president of United States is elected using the complex system of Electoral College; there is no centralized election commission. As people do not directly vote to choose their president. To win one has to secure 270 out of the 538 votes in the Electoral College.

The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is the toughest one both of them are strong contender. Everything has two perspectives positive as well as negative. During political campaigning, we have seen the slew of controversies are generated like Donald Trump’s views women, consistently alienating minorities, refused to release his tax returns, and views on women. Hilary Clinton also faced lots of controversies like, accusations of negligence in Benghazia, Libya, and for a recent gaffe in which she said half of Trump supporters belonged in a “basket of deplorables” and private email controversy.

On election day also, both presidential candidatures planned the rally. Let’s see who will win the road to White House, who will be the head of United States, Hilary Clinton, who spent 30 years in public service and has served as a State senator, secretary of state and first lady or Donald Trump a businessman, television producer from New York.

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