US Elections 2016 : Donald Trump’s, Trump Card Entry to The White House

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Finally, Republican Donald Trump made an entry to the White house , by defeating his strong Contender Democrat Hilary Clinton with the final count of 288-215. He will become the 45th US President.

Even though after all controversies the during the Presidential campaign , also being accused of fundamentally unfit to lead the Country, he nailed it , by performing significant leads in a series of the key battleground state of Florida , North Carolina , Ohio, Wisconsin,  Pennsylvania many more.

Now big shoes have to be filled by him. Barack Obama as a President performed brilliantly , He was amongst the most of the successful and accomplished president , remarked righteousness presidential journey. It will be the tough task for Donald Trump as Obama achievements are so high. Americans hopes will be high from Donald Trump have to be the game changer by performing magnificent acts and reshaping the nation , by making policy’s , doing work as what has not happened yet. Donald Trump has said, his supporters are going to “win so big” they will soon be “sick of winning”.

Now, he has to fulfill the hopes of American by creating , Even though he will be the inspiration for other Countries also. As he made during campaigns , to that “when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp,” he also said reinstate a government “of, by and for the people”. This time as being a republican , he said his trade policy would be much different from traditional republican policy. He also promised to “Make America Great Again”. So let’s see how much successful he will be in keeping his promises.

During his whole Presidential campaign, Donald Trump appears to be asking the American people to trust him and wait and see. So finally the day has come Americans have given him a chance, trusted him for new reforms.

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