US issues travel alert for Europe

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The United States on Thursday issued a Europe travel alert, warning its citizens about traveling to Europe as it was suspected risk of terrorist attacks throughout the region.

The warning reads, “Last year, mass casualty attacks occurred at a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany in December and a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey on New Year’s Eve”.

Washington has reportedly warned its citizens to beware about the extremist terrorist attacks in European cities.

The statement reads, “While local governments continue counterterrorism operations, the department remains concerned about the potential for future terrorist attacks”.

It was reported that last year jihadist attacker crashed a truck Christmas merrymakers in a Berlin market which killed at least 12 people.

It was further added, “US citizens should always be alert to the possibility that terrorist sympathizers or self-radicalized extremists may conduct attacks with little or no warning”.

The state Department has allegedly warned the citizens about the terrorist attack in Britain, France, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Spain.

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