“We are Sikhs” ad campaign to educate Americans about Sikhism

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In a recent development, it was observed that the hate crime against Indian is increasing day by day, incorporation of this Sikh organization has launched a million dollar TV campaign to educate Americans about their religion.

Rajwant Singh, co-founder, National Sikh Campaign said in a statement, “national effort to help inform our fellow Americans about who we are and why we are proud to wear the turban, a symbol of our communities commitment to equality and serving others”.

Adding further to this he said, “Sikh-Americans are pillars of their communities in every corner of our nation and we must work to proactively meet and connect with our neighbors”.

It has been observed that Sikh Americans are always targeted from last 15 years.

It was reported that after the first week of 9/11 in America, the Sikhs became the target for at least 300 hate crime across the United State and though Sikh American don’t feel safe in today phase.

Singh said, “We are Sikhs’ campaign is more positive, proactive and has a targeted messaging”.

The recently launched campaign has been running on the national news channels CNN and Fox New among local stations of Fresno in California City.

Singh stated that their plan started long ago in the year 2014.

However, the National Sikh Campaign had planned to launch the innovative campaign long before the election of President Donald Trump.

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