Yes I am a Woman and I am proud of it

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Women's day

As an Indian, I am proud of so many things, but as woman, I can enumerate even more.Being a girl I have the power to conquer the whole world. I am a proud lover, a proud wife, a proud daughter, a proud mother, a proud sister and of course a proud individual.

Here are the reasons from the heroic to the humorous, the spectacular to the surprising – to celebrate this women’s day everywhere…

Being a woman we faced a lot of double blinded issues just because I am a Female.  I have been told not to walk alone at nighttime, and if I must, to bring someone with me. Not to have friends who are boys, not to wear a dress which shows the body, not to work on night shifts and etc etc…Why do women have to do these things? Why are women put in these boxes and roles?

Reminding you the struggles that we face on a daily basis and that only make us stronger in the long run.

Having gone through the menstrual cycle for up to a week? Having to go through the labor pain? Not be able to wear what we want to just because what society thinks of us.Having to shave our legs as this is what our society considered to be beautiful. And if we don’t do that we consider as an UGLY sign of Society…After so many decades we are still fighting for the equality.

There are woman’s who has done great in the society and made us proud and inspired us:

Marie Curie: She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in 1903 and second, she received in 1911.She was the first person who received this prize twice.

Arunima Sinha: World’s first female amputee (and India’s first amputee) mountain climber, who scaled Mt. Everest!

Dora Montefiore: In 1904-1906, refused to pay her taxes until women were given the vote.

World bestselling books Harry Potter and Fifty Shades Of Grey are written by a woman.

Hilda Hewlett: The first qualified female pilot gained her license in 1911.

Kalpana Chawla: An Indian American astronaut and the first woman of Indian origin in space.

Saina Nehwal: First Indian woman to receive a medal in the Olympics for Badminton. She is the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships and was also the first Indian to win a Super Series tournament!

Kiran Bedi: She is the first Indian woman to join the Indian Police Services.

In today’s general public, it’s regular to feel embarrassed for being a lady, for getting these physical attributes that we do and for dealing with the things that go ahead in our body. Don’t ever let the world make you feel like you’re less important than you actually are. I am the proud human to have the power to give birth to another human. I am the proud girl who once falls in love and never gets out of it and can fight the whole world for it.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”

For me, I’m proud to be a woman, and this is who I am!!!


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