Bride calls off her wedding in Punjab: Here is the reason why???

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Nowadays, drug addiction has become a major problem in India and mainly in the region of Punjab. India’s one of the most prosperous state fightings with the issue from so long.

A 22-year-old girl from Punjab’s Dinanagar town called off her marriage when she saw that the Groom arrives in the Gurudwara in an inebriated state.

As per the statement was given by the Police, Sunita Singh who is a resident of Dinanagar has refused for marriage at Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Gurudwara on Sunday, when she saw the groom (Jaspreet Singh) in the intoxicated state after he stepped out from the car.

Sunita said that she will not marry to a drug addict.Her father is a truck driver.After that groom’s parents tried to convince her for marriage by saying the Jaspreet is a truck driver and he has an injury on his foot because of that he is unable to walk straight.

One of her close relatives has also given the statement that Sunita is stuck over her decision that she will not marry to a person who is a drug addict.

She also demands a medical test at Singowal Community Health Centre (CHC) but the test could not be able to complete due to the shortage of equipment. She again approaches to a private lab to conduct his test where the result for Jaspreet’s test comes positive.

She reports to the police station near Gurudwara.House Officer Baldev Singh soon gave the statement the after all the things both the families has accepted Sunita’s decision and call off the marriage by returning the engagement rings.

Sunita who is just a matriculation passed out and her father has no regrets over her decision apparently her father feels proud of her daughter that she made a bold decision.

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