Brother kills his 19-year-old sister to get rid of her marriage responsibility

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A 25-year-old man killed his 19-year-old sister in order to get rid from her marriage responsibility ,and was arrested by the police on Wednesday from East Delhi.

The incident was discovered by the police when the information about the girl’s death received by the police, who was discovered dead in her Hasanpur village residence.

It was reported that the girl has lived with his family in Hasanpur village since 2008 after her father died when she was just 10-year-old.

Police said that the main cause for killing her is the issue of her marriage, which was the core reason of his inconvenience.

The accused told the cops that he first strangled the girl with the help of ‘chunni’ which was the main cause of her death.

Police said that the accused was the primary source of support for their family was having the responsibility of her marriage due to this; he has taken this extreme step to kill his own sister to get rid her marriage responsibility.


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