Family threatens Bride with Triple talaq for not serving beef

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Nikah Halala

In a disgraceful event, it was discovered that newly-wed woman’s family faced a tough situation when the family of the groom threatened her with the divorce as the bride’s father, Salari, informed them about the non-availability of beef due to the ban on illegal slaughter houses in the state.

Groom informed his wife’s father who had visited the bride’s in-laws house to complete the wedding rituals in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh that he had decided to give triple talaq to Afsana and would not accept her back.

Victim’s father said in a statement, “A grand wedding took place on April 22 following all rituals and we even paid dowry. The family is under severe tension now over the divorce threats”.

It was reported that the victim herself approached the local authorities of the village for requesting her some help under the matter, but all gone in vain.

Following this, the victim’s family is although seeking the help of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the matter.

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