Meerut: Raid at retired Army officer residence, 117 kg of nilgai meat recovered

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In a recent outburst, it was reported that officials in Uttar Pradesh have carried out a raid at an Army officer’s house in which it was brought to light that at least 117 kg of nilgai (meat), skins of leopards, four black buck trophies, eight deer skulls, 40 rifles and pistols, knife with the ivory handle was being discovered from the ex-army officer’s house.

Mukesh Kumar, chief conservator of forests said in a statement, “Teams have been constituted to arrest Prashant, who is still at large. We are investigating their links with poachers”.

It was reported that the raid was conducted by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and the forest department, which was started in the afternoon hours of Saturday and continued till 3:30 AM on Sunday.

Adding further to this he said, “The meat of blue bull was seized from a refrigerator. A sample was taken and it will be sent to a laboratory for testing”.

Following this, the seized sample reported by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and the forest department will now be sent to the wildlife institute of Dehradun for forensic examination.

It was learnt that Kumar’s son is a national-level shooter.

However, it was said that the relevant actions against the retired Army officer will be taken place under the provisions of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

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