School Fee Row: Viral Video depicts the reality of Sahibabad St Mary School by terminating the student

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school girl

In the midst of the ongoing struggle of school fee between school and parents, a viral video which is revolving across all the social media platform in which a school girl is speaking her heart out.

In the viral video, Vanshika who is a student of the St Mary School, Ghaziabad branch is expressing how a private school has shown the exit door of the school by terminating her over the fee issue.

The privately held school not just terminated the student over late fees issue, but also misbehaved with the mother, who is a widow when asked about the half payment and fee concessions cheque for the single parent.

The incident is of St Mary School, Sahibabad where a mother cannot pay the school fee for her child as the mother is a single parent and was not getting her salary because she was working in MCD. Instead of understanding the matter principal of the school reportedly misbehaves with the mother and said: “when you are able to pay the fees, then only sends your daughter back to the school”.

Where education is said to be the purest form of humanity, but in today’s phase, it is losing its essence after the greediness which is prevailing in our heart to earn money through it.

In an alarming incident, the reality of the school has brought into the notice and left many questions unanswered that is it the right form of spreading education just for the sake of earning money.


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