Viral Video: Man thrashes mentally-challenged woman

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In a shameful act, the viral video which has got the attention of every single individual on the social networking site shows how a man is thrashing a mentally-challenged woman with a rubber pipe in Rajasthan’s Nagaur district.

The horrific incident came into light when someone uploaded the video on the social networking site, in which it is clearly shown that two men are allegedly thrashing a mentally-challenged woman with a rubber pipe in hand.

Puranmal Meena, SHO, Balaji police station said in a statement, “We are also searching for the man who uploaded the video on social media”.

Adding further to this he said, “We are trying to search the victim woman and appropriate action will be taken following her statement”.

The mentally challenged woman was crying in pain and screaming for help, where she was forced to say, Allah, Jai Shri Ram & Jai Hanuman by the two men.

This kind of incident indicates what kind of human being we are becoming where a woman who is a mentally-challenged, harassing her shows we are losing our humanity.

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