Attention!!! Are these habits killing your love relationship???

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What is a relationship??? It is a mutual understanding which is built slowly and steadily and you can’t deny the fact that, a base of any relationship is built on trust and honesty.

A relationship doesn’t turn bad overnight, it’s the improper way to handle our problems between our partner, which can gradually destroy the bond between our partners.

So all those love birds out there… we have bring you the list of habits which might be killing your relationship or identify that toxic behavior which can create trouble in your relationships … so, have a keen look at these and let us know are you the one who is performing these toxic practices which are ruing your love relationship. Here we go:

Not sharing your feelings

It is very important to share whatever we feel about the other person, whether it is in a positive or negative way, not letting them know can lead to a big problem.

Unrealistic expectations

When a relationship is started, we all have some or the other undisclosed expectations which we all wish to take place. The problem enters when these Unrealistic expectations start making problem in our relationship. Don’t expect your partner will understand your silence if you haven’t told him in person. Don’t expect he will pick you up from your classes if you haven’t told him before. You have to make sure that every expectation you desire should base in reality.

Don’t hold grudges

When you hold grudges…. Things become difficult to handle. So apply the golden rule of relationship… not to hold grudges.

Worrying about breakup

It’s just the starting of your relationship and worrying about the ending part is not cool at all.  If you will only think about the negative part then how a positive instance will happen.

Oops.. But no Spying please…

When you start spying on your partner it shows that you have no trust on your partner. We have told you earlier also trust is the base of any relationship, if the base is not built properly, then how a long lasting and healthy relationship will be shaped.

Don’t be a crybaby

We understand the fact that when you are really like someone, their small things affect you a lot as compared to someone else has said to you. Being over sensitive and taking everything to your heart is surely not a good idea.

Say no to Nagging

Are you mindful of the fact, no body like a nagger… so try to change this habbit as soon as  possible or it will end up destroying your relationship.

 Sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right. We do not need an intelligent mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens.

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