Foods to avoid in summer!!!

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Today we have brought the list of foods which you should avoid during the summer time. So read the article to take reference the list of food to avoid in order to stay fit and healthy.

Limit yourself on spices

Despite, how much you have a love for spices, but irrespective of everything, you need to limit yourself on the spices content. It is observed, the more you take spicy food, the more your chances of discomfort can be. Whether you consume only chilies or combos of chili and spices like cinnamon, or cloves it can prove unhealthy for your food during the summer. The spicy food increases the rate of metabolism in your body.

Watch on caffeine

For a corporate professional, sipping tea or coffee is a normal thing for them to stay active all day long. Are you aware of the fact that caffeine generates a lot of excess heat in the body, that’s why avoiding caffeine during summer is a good option. But you know to focus on your work and stay active all day long, you can also switch to lemonade of iced tea which can also make you cool during the day.

Control your Non-veg food cravings

The non-veggie eaters, who rely on just red meat, fish, chicken and seafood like prawns and fish because these foods generate excessive heat which is always better to avoid during the summer season.

Avoid chapatti

Chapatti which is made up of flour, which is also a basic Indian bread in many parts of the country. Roti which generally contains the certain amount of heat which makes the digestion process difficult.

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