If you want a flat stomach then say no to these foods!!!

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belly fat

We all want a fit body where we eat healthy, stay healthy and live healthy… we are sure no one wants a flabby stomach, which can also come knocking the door to various health problems.

Are you aware of the fact that there are some foods which can cause instant fat gain???

So today we have bring you the list of foods which should be strictly avoided when you are day- dreaming of a flat stomach. So here we go:

No No to Soda

Stuff like soda, which is high in calories can give a treat to your taste buds for some time, but in the long run, it can only offer you fat. It has been noticed that for some of the individuals having soda, after taking lunch or dinner is an automatic part of their daily routine. But if you really want a flat stomach then you should replace the intake of soda to iced tea or normal water.

Dairy products

It has come to light that dairy products are the good source of calcium and are rich in the counting chart of carbohydrates but can end up giving you bad fat.

Potato chips

We can understand that grabbing a packet full of potato chips can be he every time favorite snack which can make you satisfied but can cause you mid-level bloat.

Fried food

According to research, we have found that a person who consumes fried items like French fries, which is deep fried in the refined oil can gain more than 15 pounds of belly fat just having French fries.

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