Right way to consume Green Tea

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Green Tea

We all know that we can lose lot of pounds by sipping green tea, but we don’t know when to have a cup of green tea.

One should know the right way of having this nature’s goodness which is great source of anti-oxidants, helps in combating several diseases.

However, excess of anything is injurious to health, so this rule applies to green tea also.

So by keeping this thing in a mind here we have enlisted golden rules for consuming green tea.

Have two – three cups of green tea in a day

One should have two – three cups of green tea on daily basis, as it is high on antioxidant and excess consumption can damage your liver or cause acidity problem.

Do not have green soon after your meal

Always consume green tea after a gap of 30-40 minutes after or before meal.

One shouldn’t have green tea empty stomach

Do not have green on an empty stomach, due to presence of caffeine and other compounds like tannins and flavonoids can lead to dehydration or acidity.

Avoid late night consumption

Try not to have green tea late at night as it can cause insomnia.

Team up with honey

It takes time to develop taste of green tea as number of people don’t like it due to bitter flavor so, in that case you can add honey to your green for prevailing other health benefits.

Do not boil water at 100 degree

Brew green at aprox 60 -70 degrees, it will reduce bitterness and keep the freshness of brewed tea leaves for a longer time.

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