Things that kills employee’s motivation at workplace

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A productive work can only be possible if your workplace provides you encouragement and positivity. In a workplace the most important thing which plays a big role is motivation in the form of appreciation, if it is not given the right way then automatically the output goes down.

So let’s find what are the things that kill the employee motivation at the workplace:

Swear to No appreciation at all 

It is very easy to point out your employee’s mistake, but it is equally important to praise them for each and every work they tend to do. As it is very necessary for the employee to boost up their performance because in the end, your employee has a right to know their performance.

Your empty promises

This is nothing more than a worse to getting your employees’ hopes up and ultimately, in the end, you destroy it. If you have promised to do something for the employee you better be able to keep it.

This is the quick outcome which will kill the employee motivation at the workplace when you gave a commitment to do something, then you must keep your word or the base of trust between an organization and employee will break.

Forget they have a personal life

Personal life… Oh, what’s that!!! You work here and we suppose you to be available 24/7. Your employees are ultimately a human being, not an alien whom you have brought from the space, they also have a personal life and they want their managers, boss to know it.

The blame game

The best example of a good leader is to admit his/her mistake, and you know what???  If a leader itself admits his/her mistakes in front of employees then your employees will also appreciate your honesty, and most probably they will also own their mistakes in the future.

Threat to fire

There are some organizations in which managers often ace up one’s sleeve to terminate the employee to keep them in line.

Problem of one to one contact

There are some bosses who hire a mediator to communicate but believe us it is not a good idea also, the situation will turn ugly in both circumstances.

Following no plans

This is most irritating things which an employee faces in its workplace. Following no plans… if you are looking to achieve something big in the business phase, then you can also talk to your employees discuss about the matter, who knows a great idea might hit their brain which can help you.

Focus on only mistakes

Instead of focusing on your employee’s mistake, learn to focus on the achievement which your employee is making no matter how small it is, which will ensure your employee to stay motivated.

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demands our best”.

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