Try this 4 minute tabata exercise for quick weight loss

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Tabata Exercise

If you wanna get rid of your excess body fat speedily then try this four minute tabata workout at your home or gym for quick weight loss.

This four minutes workout could help you shed fat, reduce inches off your waist line, improve your overall health and leave you fit all over day.

These days celebrities are also doing tabata exercise for quick results as it is a complete body workout.

For performing tabata , you have to choose exercise that stimulate large muscle groups or multiple muscle groups like front or back squats, kettlebell swings, pushups, push press, pull-ups or chin-ups, thruster, rowing, cycling, hitting the punching bag, treadmill or outdoor sprints, swimming, plyometric activities like squat jumps, box jumps, step up jumps, power slams and so on.

But make sure all you have to do rapidly back to back for twenty seconds after take rest for ten seconds and complete as many repetitions as possible.

Finish eight rounds and you’ll be worn out, but on the way to accomplishing your fitness goals.

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