Sunil Grover to Kapil Sharma, don’t Act like God

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The brawl between the two stand-up comedians and the fame of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is becoming ugly by each passing day.

The quarrel between Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover is now become a hot gossip for the social media, which is making the duo fans worried that Sunil Grover aka Dr. Mashhoor Gulathi who managed to gain much popularity among his audience might say bye-bye to The Kapil Sharma show.

Finally, Comedian Sunil Grover has confirmed the buzz which was making headlines of allegedly misbehaving of stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma.

In a recent act, Grover came up with an emotional message for the host of  ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and took twitter to express his deep sorrow.

Sunil Grover tweeted, “Bha Ji! Yes, you hurt me deeply. Working with you has been a learning experience. Just one advice, start respecting human beings also apart from animals”.

Adding further to this, Grover posted, ‘‘but don’t act like a ‘God.’ Take good care of yourself. Wish you lot more success and fame”.


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