Hilariously, Zaheer Khan Teases Yuvraj Singh on Twitter

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Zaheer Khan Teases Yuvraj Singh

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 : On Monday, Pakistan match against Sri Lanka was a significant exciting one and many people were stuck to their TV screens to discover which team would advance to the semifinals of the series.

Among those watching the match was former indian pacer Zaheer Khan who really couldn’t resist himself to tweet about the match. Just, his tweet turned out to be more interesting when cricketer Yuvraj Singh saw it and replied to it. “Oh tu bade tweet kar reha aj kal ki gal ? (You’re tweeting a lot nowadays?)” Yuvraj tweeted.

However, even Yuvraj probably didn’t expect the answer Zaheer gave him. Zaheer Khan hilariously teases Yuvraj for his bad fielding during match against South Africa.

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