Chhattisgarh’s mother and daughter files complaint of stolen toilets

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In a bizarre incident, a mother and a daughter have raised eyebrows after registering a complaint claiming the toilets went missing and asks Police to trace them.

Bela Bai Patel and her daughter who hails from an Amarpur village in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh moved one step forward to raise the sensational issue of cleanliness under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Duo women claim that the toilets has gone missing from their house Chhattisgarh village, which was further discovered by a local RTI activist that the toilet only existed on the paper but never built in real life.

It was reported that the women have submitted an application to the village Panchayat to build two toilets in their house in the year 2015-16.

It has come to the light that, when the work didn’t get started even after one year then both women moved to the higher officials in the janpad Panchayat office to keep a track of their application which was filed one year back.

But the response which was given by the Panchayat officials came as a shocker for the women.

Following this, Women filed the complaint, asking cops to trace their toilets and strict action should be taken against who have stolen the toilets from their home.

Surendra Patel, a local activist said in a statement, “There is a gross irregularity in the construction of toilets under the ‘Clean India’ mission in Amarpur village. Not only are these two women, but several other beneficiaries affected by the corruption”.

The issue like cleanliness which is uttermost important and crucial topic which is additionally being highlighted by the Prime Minister of India to build toilets under clean India drive, yet the case like this is calling attention to the issue of corruption that is it still being there after taking many steps to curb through this disease and tossing it out of the country.

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