Blue Whale App apparently brainwash teenagers to commit suicide

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Blue Whale App

Blue Whale App : A suicide game encouraging teenagers to take part in 50 challenges for 50 days of which they must send photographic proof of completion.

This terrifying suicide game is pushing youngsters to take their life on the final day of the sick ‘challenge’.

The 50-day suicide game, which has been responsible for more than 130 young lives in Russia is spreading worldwide at an increasing pace.

This suicide challenge has apparently brainwash a young gamer minds and asks them to take part in an escalating series of self-harm challenges like cutting oneself repeatedly and drawing the blue whale on their body parts and on the final day, they are instructed to kill themselves.

Blue Whale app hacks into users’ phone and cannot be uninstall or deleted. It is also being said that all the personal information collected by the hacker is used as leverage against the players. And, there is no backing out.

It is suspected to have originated in Russia. The game has now spreading in UK, Portugal, Brazil and Dubai.

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