EX- South Korean President arrested on corruption charges

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Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye, center, arrives at the Seoul Central District Court for hearing on a prosecutors' request for her arrest for corruption, in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, March 30, 2017. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon. Pool).

Former South Korean President Park Geun-Hye was allegedly arrested and taken into custody on Friday against corruption charges which also includes extortion, abuse of power and bribery.

It was reported that Park Geun-Hye was impeached and removed from the office earlier this month.

While interacting with the media Judge Kang Bu-young said in a statement, “Major crimes have been ascertained and there is a concern that the suspect might attempt to destroy evidence. The court recognizes the need, necessity, and reasonableness of the suspect’s arrest”.

The Seoul Central District Court has ordered the arrest of the Park Geun-Hye following the charges of bribery, abuse of authority, leaking government secrets.

Following this, the court said, “It is justifiable and necessary to arrest Ms. Park as key charges were justified and there is a risk of evidence being destroyed”.

Park Geun-Hye was taken to the Seoul Detention Center after the court issued the arrest warrant against the former South Korean President.

The official statement from the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office reads, “The suspect abused the mighty power and position as President to take bribes from companies and infringed upon the freedom of corporate management and leaked important confidential official information”.

However, Park Geun-Hye is the third former president of South Korea who is arrested on the criminal grounds.

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